Your Jacket, Our design

Here is your chance to have a Bella Sisters jacket that fits you perfectly! You send us your jackets, and we will design a one-of-a-kind jacket and send it back to you. But first we need to know what you have in mind. We can work together to create the perfect jacket for you!

There are some things you will want to keep in mind when sending Bella Sisters your jacket.

Jackets need to:

  • have two buttons or more
  • have an inner lining
  • preferably a wool or wool blend, i.e. high quality
  • must fit shoulders and hips, the waist can be brought in with pin tucks or bows, but can not be taken out

You can let us know your color choices, but usually it is based on the color of the jacket. The design ascetic is usually chosen fluidly.  We are open, and want your suggestions, but the decision will ultimately fall on the artist.

We have a list of appliques that we will send you with a response to your request. We will also be asking an image of the jacket you plan to send us. 


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