Cynthia started Bella Sisters with her cousin Jenna in 2003. After Cynthia had her first child, she wanted to find something she could do in between naps. Cynthia and her cousin teamed up and started to design vintage jackets, one led to a dozen and Bella Sisters was born. 

All Bella Sisters artful creations are made from mostly recycled materials. Each piece is made using high quality wool jackets appliquéd with fiber art inspired by nature. By using vintage pieces each Bella Sisters jacket links individuals from decades before with the younger generations. Jackets are adorned with hoods and sleeve extensions made from cashmere and wool The jackets are enhanced with a variety of fabulous ruffle styles, genuine stone beads, and pin-tucked waistlines. As well as, there are always custom designs on the front and the back, so you look amazing coming and going!

Each piece Bella Sisters creates is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art, never to be replicated. We believe that your clothing should be as unique and independent as you. We are proudly creating pieces for all shapes and sizes, for the young and old and for men and women, trying to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone may have access to one-of-a-kind clothing that shows how unique we all are.